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Digital Dispatcher Improves Efficiency for Field Service

February 25, 2013

Digital Dispatcher has enhanced efficiency for field service and delivery businesses with the release of a new multi-tool mobile field workforce management system. The Digital Dispatcher mobile workforce management solution improves customer service and cut costs for users.

The new tool boasts a combination of several features on an easy to use app for a smartphone or tablet computer. Also included in the solution is a Dispatch Management Board software solution that is ideal for Fleet Fueling, product delivery and field service.

"Our latest mobile field management system was developed to enhance operational/office efficiency, cut costs, improve customer service, and grow profits for you. The tool is designed for field delivery/service and can accommodate businesses of any size," said spokesperson from Digital Dispatcher in a statement.

Digital Dispatcher notes that its newly launched solution includes several technology tools and provides users with real-time access and information through any cellular network latest ruggedized, waterproof Android (News - Alert) platforms. Field service and delivery businesses can now deploy the Digital Dispatcher Delivery and Service System in a matter of few days and does not require investment in any hardware.

By leveraging advanced Mapping Route Optimization, this software allows users to quickly build optimal routes and then automatically transmits them wirelessly to a tablet or smart phone. This entire process equips the driver with turn by turn directions and helps the person to easily reach the destination.

“The collected information is transmitted wirelessly to the office for electronic review & processing that, in turn, eliminates unprofitable clerical work. Valuable management and operational reports could be generated here to measure and drive productivity,” said the spokesperson.

Mobile field management systems are becoming popular. In fact, recently an international provider of water, wastewater management and energy decided to choose ViryaNet (News - Alert) Limited’s mobile workforce management solution.

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

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