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Centralized Call Recording Benefits Today's Distributed Call Center Models

December 03, 2012

Increasingly, a call center is less about a physical location and more about a concept. Many companies are finding values with distributed call center models, building a solid customer support entity from agents located in various locations around the country or around the world, with home-based agents and overflow facilities pitching in to create the best possible call center configuration.

While this has benefitted both companies and customers in many ways, it presents a number of new technological challenges. One of them has been call recording. While it’s more important than ever to record calls, it’s almost impossible to do using older call recording models. (Imagine having half a dozen or more siloed call recording solutions and having to keep track of them.)

For this reason, the unified call recording system - a centralized platform for managing call recording, as well as monitoring quality management – greatly simplifies procedures and streamlines operations, according to workforce optimization company Monet Software in a recent blog post.

The cloud-based call recording model offers several advantages over traditional call center call recording software when more than one call center or even home agents are involved, writes Monet. Since the actual call monitoring, recording and data analysis, not to mention storage, is done “in the cloud,” it can be accessed from any authorized location. This allows for remote call center monitoring and management (even over mobile devices) regardless of where management is located.

It’s important that multi-site recording systems provide full recording and monitoring functionality, as well as instant retrieval of any files, whether from local or networked storage systems. With a cloud-based system, storage is never an issue. Whether there are two call centers or fifty in a network, all calls and customer interactions can be unified within one system, according to Monet.

In the end, while your call center may be a changing thing – with more or fewer agents and facilities at different times, depending on the company’s needs – the quality and centralized nature of a call recording solution should be a constant. The ability to reap intelligence from call recordings today is too important to keep calls locked up in inaccessible locations.

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Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

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